5 Takeaways from my Recent Travels to Southeast Asia

“What inspires your art?” “How do you come up with the colors for your artwork?” I get these questions a lot, and my answer is, “everything”! “But there must be one thing that’s a source of inspiration for you more than other things, right?” is the usual rebuttal to my response.  Truthfully, the colors I … Read more

What is a Statement Piece and How to Style Statement Pieces for Every Room in Your Home

Let’s talk statement pieces! A statement piece is the attention grabber of a space.  It’s that one thing in a room that your eyes gravitate towards and can’t seem to pull away from.  It’s the conversation starter.  It’s the tone setter.  It’s the item the design of the rest of the room is based on.  … Read more

The 1 Thing You Need to Have Before Buying Art

Finding and purchasing artwork is no easy feat. Sometimes it takes months or even years to find a piece that fits perfectly with your existing decor or an artist you have a connection with. And this is ok!  While it can be daunting and intimidating to look for artwork for your home, there’s truly only … Read more