Great Barrier Reef


The biggest piece of the Coral Reef Collection, The Great Barrier Reef is unique in many ways. This piece is a deviation from my usual style, and I love it! It’s a little more freeform and less “safe” in the sense that your immediate reaction might not be, “oh that’s pretty.” I really let the moment move me through the creation of this piece. I was less calculated with my strokes and marks, and I think the end result is one of the most interesting pieces I’ve ever created. 

About the Collection: The colors in the Coral Reef collection are representative of the colors we know and love of coral reefs. Coral are bright and colorful because of microscopic algae called zooxanthellae. However, as a result of climate change, the oceans are warming, and a change in water temperature—as little as 2 degrees Fahrenheit—can cause coral to drive out the colorful algae. This phenomenon is called coral bleaching. In some instances, corals can recover from bleaching if conditions return to normal, and stay that way. That’s why a percentage of all sales from this collection will be donated to an organization working to save Coral Reefs.

Additional information


36" x 36" x 1"


Stretched Cotton Canvas

Other Details

This piece was created with acrylic paints. Artist signature on canvas back. Protective matte varnish applied.

Wire system installed on canvas back, ready to hang!