I create art that is playful, bright, and bold - it's my reminder to live life in the same manner.

Bright and bold are my state of being, and I know a lot of that comes from being born and raised in New Orleans. New Orleans is such a special city, and New Orleanians are loud and vibrant in all the best ways. This spirit is so deeply ingrained in who I am that it naturally comes out in my artwork, and bright and bold colors will always be true to me and present in my work.

What I like to explore and change up from time to time is my composition, and I think all artists should! What impacts my composition is directly tied to what is impacting me at that point in my life. My composition, lately, has a grounded feeling with lots of open space in the top third or down the center of the canvas. Where there is color, it’s more stacked or layered in imperfect and playful ways; it’s my most interesting work yet.